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Austral Motorhomes

At Austral Motorhomes, we’re not just selling motorhomes; we’re delivering the ticket to an off-grid 4×4 Australian adventure. Our dedicated team has been delivering slide-on campers that stand as a testament to innovation, quality, and the Australian spirit of adventure. Our new owners, with a passion for the leisure industry, want to revolutionise the way Australians explore this vast and beautiful country.

We’re all about turning your wanderlust into reality. Picture this: you, the open road, and a whole lot of amazing Aussie landscapes to explore. Motorhomes that are more than just a way to get around – they’re your home away from home, your ticket to adventure, your dream come true.

Our Slide-on Campers

Our slide-on campers are constructed with durable materials like high-grade aluminium and composite panels. Each camper is a blend of strength, weight-efficiency, and style. The interiors prioritise comfort and are equipped with modern amenities, thoughtfully laid out to maximise space and functionality.

Whether you choose a ute-mounted campers like the Campo or Scout, or a larger truck-mounted option like the Savanna 3.5 or Savanna 4.2, you’re not just getting a vehicle; you’re unlocking new possibilities. Picture waking up to the sound of waves on a remote beach, or enjoying a sunset in the heart of the outback.

Our campers are built to be your companion on these 4×4 camping adventures, offering self-sufficiency with features like solar panels, efficient water systems, and off-grid power capabilities. Our campers are simple to mount and dismount from the tray of your vehicle, and can be easily stored until your next adventure.

We’ve got different models to match your style. Love a quick solo trip or a cosy getaway for two? Our ute-mounted slide-on campers like Campo and Scout are your best mates. Planning something bigger, like a family adventure or a full-on Aussie exploration? Check out our truck-mounted options – Savanna 3.5 and Savannah 4.2. These bad boys are like rolling luxury cabins, ready to tackle anything from beachside chillouts to Outback escapades.

The Adventure Awaits

Life is too short to stay put. Our slide-on campers are designed to take you to places others can only dream of. With the versatility to navigate tough terrains and the comfort of a home on wheels, you can embark on long journeys or weekend escapes, all with the same ease.

Our vision is to enable this sense of adventure and discovery, to bring you closer to the raw beauty of Australia in a way that’s comfortable, sustainable, and simple. When you choose Austral Motorhomes, you’re not just choosing a vehicle; you’re choosing a lifestyle and a new way to experience the world around you.