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Start Your Ultimate Adventure with Austral Motorhomes

Our slide-on campers offer the perfect blend of rugged capability and comfort, designed for the adventurous at heart. Whether you’re four-wheel driving down sandy beaches or navigating rough dirt roads, our campers are designed to make any location home.

Embark on an adventure with the freedom to explore Australia’s majestic landscapes without the hassle of a caravan, and with the added bonus of towing your boat or other essentials. Our range of slide-on campers offers the perfect blend of affordability and quality, constructed with top-grade aluminium alloy and robust composite panels for durability and longevity. Our campers are prefabricated, ensuring swift delivery, and are designed to withstand some of the toughest tracks.

There’s more to our motorhomes than just their rugged build. With different models available, we can ensure there’s a perfect match for every traveller. Our ute and truck models come with a comprehensive list of standard features, coupled with a variety of customisation options to tailor your mobile home to your needs. When planning your truck pod we can add more storage or swap appliances, and power the kitchen with gas or electric.

Find Your Perfect Home For Adventure

Our ute-mounted slide-on campers, Campo and Scout, are perfect for those who love a good adventure with a sprinkle of comfort. They’re like your trusty ute, but with a home that takes just minutes to set up. If you’re thinking bigger and wilder, check out our truck-mounted slide-on campers – Savanna 3.5 and Savanna 4.2. They’re like rolling out the red carpet for adventure.


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Stories from the Road

Very helpful and knowledgable throughout the purchase and delivery process, did a great job getting the pod ready and loading onto our truck. Product and equipment met all of our expectations.

David Hall

Have looked at many other brands out there but the quality, attention to detail, fit and finish is one of the best I’ve found out there and very well priced.

Colin Jones

The quality of the gear including tie down kit supplied are really good and heavy duty. All the internal appliance work great and its dead set easy to operate.

James Smythe
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